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MedOne Radiology

Since 1896, when Thieme published Roentgen’s first human x-ray, Thieme has been putting medical imaging specialists first. With an eye to this tradition of excellence, MedOne Radiology maintains Thieme’s place at the vanguard of medical imaging by bringing quality, cutting-edge resources to specialists worldwide.

MedOne Radiology provides core content for students and practitioners. It includes access to case studies within RadCases, in addition to hosting Books, media and full-text Journals.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Use videos and images to get a better
understanding of complex issues.

Notes / Highlights / Playlists

Notes, Highlighting & Playlists

Set bookmarks, create notes, highlight text
and curate playlists to share with other users.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Choose your depth of content and decide for yourself,
how detailed you want to learn something.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Decide for yourself whether you want to read an e-book, view a RadCase,
or research Interventional Radiology as a part of your residency program.

MedOne Radiology Features:
MedOne Radiology Homepage

MedOne Radiology provides core content for residents and practitioners. The platform includes access to case studies within RadCases, in addition to hosting E-Books, media and six Thieme Journals in full-text.

MedOne Radiology - E-Books

Provide users as your institution with the benefits of print books plus electronic features in this extensive e-book collection, where it’s easy for them to to expand images, watch videos, and take notes. They will always stay up-to-date with the library’s frequent content updates, and they can even customize their experience with versatile viewing modes or leave the screen behind when they download and print chapters. There is also no need to limit themselves to the e-book: they can follow links to related articles and keep their research going.

MedOne Radiology - Journals

MedOne Radiology can provide your radiologists and imaging specialists with a one-stop solution to their research needs when they perform an integrated search of Thieme’s medical imaging journals and the PubMed database, then read full articles from Thieme journals. They can cite the articles they need, whether they are using sources for a paper, catching up on innovative research, or writing their own articles. And, if they are on the go, they can download articles to bring along.

Based on the bestselling RadCases book series, this case collection will reinforce your radiologists, radiology knowledge. They can evaluate their understanding and learn what to expect as they identify differential diagnoses, recognize key concepts, and determine further work-up. The varied histories, diagnoses, and imaging let they apply their radiology knowledge across a spectrum of cases.

MedOne Radiology - Playlists

Users can create customized modules with MedOne Radiology content, personal files, or external links. Playlists can be private, shared with others at your institution, or made publicly available to MedOne Radiology users at other institutions.

MedOne Radiology - Media

Images and videos are at your users fingertips when they zoom in or make notes on media from a vast databank. They can round out their studies and practice reading each modality by watching video clips or comparing images and slices. For presentations, they can simultaneously download more than one image complete with legends and sources using the multiple selections feature.

MedOne Radiology - Q&A

The MedOne Radiology Q&A pool features over 2,000 high-yield questions for preparing for the American Board of Radiology exam.

MedOne APP

Users can download and read offline e-books, journal articles, and watch videos on the go. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOne content simple and easy.

MedOne at home

Users are no longer confined to the building with MedOne@Home offsite access. They can set up an individual username within their department’s license, so all they need is internet access to view content, create notes, and highlight text.

Why MedOne Radiology?

MedOne Radiology content:

  • Books – A fully searchable database with access to hundreds of radiology books
  • Journals – Full access to content from:
    • Digestive Disease Interventions
    • Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging (OA)
    • Journal of Clinical Interventional Radiology (OA)
    • Journal of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (OA)
    • Revista Argentina de Radiología / Argentinian Journal of Radiology (OA)
    • Seminars in Interventional Radiology
    • Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology
    • The Arab Journal of Interventional Radiology (OA)
    • Ultraschall in der Medizin – European Journal of Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound International Open (OA)
    • World Journal of Nuclear Medicine (OA)
  • Cases – Direct access to Thieme RadCases, a database with 4,000 must-know cases covering a broad range of radiology subspecialties
  • Media – 157,900 images with legends and 790+ videos
  • Q&A – thousands of high-yield questions for preparing for the American Board of Radiology exam

View the MedOne Radiology content overview

For The Student

For the resident

  • Master case work-ups and findings
  • Brush up on essential imaging procedures
  • Evaluate comprehension for test-taking
  • Compare radiological images
For The Specialist

For the radiologist

  • Explore innovative topics in radiology
  • Discover new modalities and approaches
  • Research groundbreaking techniques
  • Identify differential diagnoses
For The Instituiton

For the institution

  • Cultivate a culture of learning anytime
  • Focus on improving patient care quality
  • Appeal to prospective residents and faculty
  • Build support for individual growth
MedOne Radiology Review Update

By: Lisa Adriani, MLS
Research and Instruction Librarian
Edward and Barbara Netter Library
Quinnipiac University

MedOne Radiology continues to provide a useful platform with quality content. The ebooks and multimedia content remain highly regarded. The RadCases and Question and Answers features are also valuable to residents studying for their board exams. The upgrades to the content and functionality also show Thieme’s commitment to continually improve the resource. Overall, MedOne Radiology should be considered by libraries looking to advance their radiology collection and is especially appropriate for academic and hospital libraries with a radiology residency or practicing clinicians in radiology… Read More

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