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MedOne - Multimedia platforms for clinical and student medical education

MedOne is a state-of-the-art multimedia platform, perfect for students, residents and experienced specialists alike.

It currently covers eight subject areas: Anatomy, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, Medical EducationCommunication Science (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology), Otolaryngology, and Ophthalmology.


Why MedOne?

MedOne is designed to give you a destination for clinical education and reference, essential to develop and refine clinical skills. Established practitioners can stay informed of the latest research and master complex procedures, while residents can review essentials, prepare for boards, and strengthen skills.

With MedOne, the highest quality medical resources are available to everyone in your practice, anywhere, anytime. Each platform lets you expand your knowledge through standalone books and journals, as well as manuals which provide guidance on the latest clinical techniques, surgical procedures and must-know cases, all enriched with exquisite illustrations and quality video content.

MedOne’s easy-to-use environment makes finding information efficient and quick. Use on- or offline, or with the mobile app, so you always have access to what you need, when you need it.

MedOne allows you to advance knowledge. Save your most relevant documents, take notes, and even build virtual binders to share with students or colleagues. Content collections, curated by experts in their fields, are available exclusively on MedOne to provide you with master insight on specialized techniques and treatment options.

Select your specialty below to find out more:


MedOne Neurosurgery — keeps neurosurgeons’ best interests in mind. As the global market leader in the field, Thieme stays at the forefront of developments to keep practitioners around the world informed about the latest innovations.

Medical Education

MedOne Education — our medical learning platform, provides users with access to Thieme’s collection of medical textbooks. Covering every course in the medical school curriculum, MedOne Education is an exceptional resource for learning, review and research in medicine and the life sciences. Users have access to illustrated full-color medical textbooks covering anatomy, basic sciences, clinical sciences, dentistry, osteopathic/physical therapy, radiology and USMLE® test prep.


MedOne Ophthalmology — is a dynamic educational resource featuring core and cutting-edge topics, authoritative videos and valuable content collections covering the field of eye care.

Plastic Surgery

MedOne Plastic Surgery — is centered on surgeons’ needs, so surgeons can focus on what matters: patients. Curated content, direct from respected experts, means that surgeons and residents alike can connect to resources, elevate their skills, and find insights into every aspect of plastic surgery.

Communication Science

MedOne ComSci — offers the means to elevate communication science with up-to-date text, cutting-edge content, and detailed images, video, and audio. The vital role that audiologists and speech-language pathologists hold in facilitating human interaction through communication means that students and faculty alike deserve access to high-quality, comprehensive resources.


MedOne Radiology — maintains Thieme’s place at the vanguard of medical imaging by bringing quality, cutting-edge resources to specialists worldwide. This powerful platform is perfect for residents and experienced specialists alike: by combining expert information with stunning visuals, the site serves as both a learning and technical tool.


MedOne Otolaryngology — spotlights information across the specialty, so residents and practitioners can always find innovative resources. When dealing with the complexities of the head and neck, otolaryngologists need look no further: Thieme brings award-winning content to otolaryngologists around the world, so surgeons can bring high-quality care to their patients.

MedOne: Your gateway to Thieme’s premier surgical and medical content

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