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MedOne Ophthalmology

When dealing with the complexities of diseases of the eye and their treatment, ophthalmologists need to look no further: MedOne Ophthalmology is a dynamic educational resource featuring core and cutting-edge topics, authoritative videos and valuable content collections covering the field of eye care.

MedOne Ophthalmology has been created for residency programs and practicing surgeons providing them with answers and guidance to patient problem areas and important concepts of diagnosis and management within surgical eye disease.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Use videos and images to get a better
understanding of complex issues.

Notes / Highlights / Playlists

Notes, Highlighting & Playlists

Set bookmarks, create notes, highlight text
and curate playlists to share with other users.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Choose your depth of content and decide for yourself,
how detailed you want to learn something.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Decide for yourself whether you want to read an e-book or review ophthalmology diagnoses by cardinal symptoms as a part of your residency program.

MedOne Ophthalmology Features:
MedOne Ophthalmology

MedOne Ophthalmology is a dynamic educational resource featuring core and cutting-edge topics, authoritative videos and valuable content collections covering the field of eye care.

MedOne Ophthalmology - E-Books

It’s never been easier to access Thieme’s extensive collection of medical textbooks. Get the benefits of print books plus electronic features, where it’s easy to expand images, watch videos, and write notes. New titles are automatically added as they are published.

MedOne Ophthalmology - Journals

Users can keep up with research and write papers using the latest journal articles. With an integrated search through Thieme‘s journals and the PubMed database, they can easily find relevant information when looking for new and exciting innovations.

MedOne Ophthalmology - Content Collections

Diagnosis-oriented content collection based on symptoms.

MedOne Ophthalmology - Playlists

Users can create customized modules with MedOne content, personal files, or external links. Playlists can be private, shared with others at your institution, or made publicly available to MedOne users at other institutions.

When words aren’t enough, the images and videos from all of our textbooks are always at your users disposal. They can quickly find and compare images in their browser or download media directly to a PDF or PowerPoint file to enhance any presentation.

MedOne Ophthalmology - Q&A

1,000 high-yield multiple choice questions and answers for preparing for the ABO and OKAP exams.

MedOne APP

Users can download and read offline e-books, journal articles, and watch videos on the go. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOne content simple and easy.

MedOne at home

Users are no longer confined to the building with MedOne@Home offsite access. They can set up an individual username within their department’s license, so all they need is internet access to view content, create notes, and highlight text.

Why Medone Ophthalmology?

MedOne Ophthalmology content:

  • E-Books – A fully searchable database with access to 58 premier ophthalmology e-books.
  • E-Journals – Full access to content from:
    • Journal of Academic Ophthalmology (OA)
  • Content Collections – 118 Diagnosis-oriented content collection based on symptoms.
  • Media – 23,500 images with legends and 667 videos.
  • Q&A – 1,008 Questions and Answers for your patrons to test themselves.

MedOne Ophthalmology content overview

For The Student

For the resident

  • Absorb knowledge about surgical technique
  • Train with resources accessible anytime
  • Observe a vast library of technical videos
  • Follow expert advice for operative cases
For The Specialist

For the ophthalmologist

  • Analyze new surgical techniques
  • Run through standard procedures
  • Diagnose cases effectively and confidently
  • Check what leaders in the field are doing
For The Instituiton

For the institution

  • Cultivate a culture of learning anytime
  • Appeal to prospective residents and faculty
  • Improve efficient teaching and quality of care
  • Build support for individual growth

Already have access?

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