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MedOne Otolaryngology

When dealing with the complexities of the head and neck, otolaryngologists need look no further! MedOne Otolaryngology spotlights information across the specialty, so residents and practitioners can always find innovative resources. Thieme brings award-winning content to otolaryngologists around the world, so surgeons can bring high-quality care to their patients.

MedOne Otolaryngology, the world’s most comprehensive otolaryngology resource online. It is a continuously growing resource with new otolaryngology–head and neck surgery content being added as soon as the latest titles are available.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Use videos and images to get a better
understanding of complex issues.

Notes / Highlights / Playlists

Notes, Highlighting & Playlists

Set bookmarks, create notes, highlight text
and curate playlists to share with other users.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Choose your depth of content and decide for yourself,
how detailed you want to learn something.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Decide for yourself whether you want to read an e-book, review a procedure or case, or research rhinology as a part of your residency program.

MedOne Otolaryngology Features:
MedOne Otolaryngology

MedOne Otolaryngology is a unique online resource providing the global otolaryngology community with unprecedented access to Thieme’s entire otolaryngology collection.

MedOne Otolaryngology - E-Books

You can’t get this in print: E-Books within MedOne Otolaryngology allow users to seamlessly expand images, watch videos, or follow links as they read. They can change the platform’s reading mode to scroll through a chapter or to focus for an extended study session. No matter how you they use it, this exceptional collection of otolaryngology e-books helps users save time while catching up on cutting-edge topics.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Journals

With their abundance of innovations, Thieme’s otolaryngology journals propel surgeons to greater heights. Years of archives accompany current issues on the MedOne platform, so readers can find sources for papers and keep up-to-date in their field. Searches bring up full Thieme articles side-by-side with hits from PubMed, opening greater possibilities for advancement.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Cases & Procedures

Whether you users are stepping into an exam or heading into the OR,  they can always come prepared. The cases & procedures within MedOne Otolaryngology let them explore everything from history to further reading—with diagnosis, treatment, and questions along the way. Or, understand the intricacies of procedures as they follow step-by-step instructions that include illustrations, complications, and contraindications.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Content Collections

Within MedOne Otolaryngology users can access diagnosis-oriented content collections based on symptoms.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Playlists

Users can create customized modules with MedOne Otolaryngology content, personal files, or external links. Playlists can be private, shared with others at your institution, or made publicly available to MedOne Otolaryngology users at other institutions.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Media

A wealth of images and videos are at your patrons disposal as they browse MedOne’s media collection. They can download photographs for presentations or prepare for the OR with narrated operative videos. The extensive stockpile of photographic, radiographic, and illustrative resources allows them to compare images on a single screen.

MedOne Otolaryngology - Q&A

MedOne Otolaryngology contains 4,011 questions and answers covering 13 subject areas ideal for rapid clinical and board review prep.

MedOne APP

Users can download and read offline e-books, journal articles, and watch videos on the go. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOne content simple and easy.

MedOne at home

Users are no longer confined to the building with MedOne@Home offsite access. They can set up an individual username within their department’s license, so all they need is internet access to view content, create notes, and highlight text.

Why MedOne Otolaryngology?

MedOne Otolaryngology content:

  • Books – A fully searchable database with access to 196 e-books
  • Journals – Full-access to content from the journals:
    • Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction
    • Facial Plastic Surgery
    • Journal of Neurological Surgery: Skull Base
  • Cases & Procedures – 229 Step-by-step instructions and management follow-up tips
  • Media – 109,800 images with legends and 1,876 videos
  • MedOne@Home – Access MedOne Otolaryngology offsite

View the MedOne Otolaryngology content overview

For The Student

For the resident

  • Absorb knowledge about surgical technique
  • Qualify for boards after interactive studying
  • Seek training any time or place
  • Follow expert advice for operative cases
For The Specialist

For the specialist

  • Gain skills with developing technologies
  • Locate information about hot topics
  • Concentrate on improving procedures
  • Survey the field’s newest information
For The Instituiton

For the institution

  • Balance in-class and online resources
  • Update content available to surgeons
  • Catch prospective trainees’ attention
  • Encourage on-the-go education

Already have access?

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