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MedOne Education

MedOne Education is a medical learning platform covering every course in the medical school curriculum. A license to MedOne Education can help prepare medical students at your institution starting day one for all of the challenges ahead of them and throughout their career.

MedOne Education is an exceptional resource for learning, review and research in medicine and the life sciences. It not only features review titles, it also includes illustrated full-color medical textbooks covering anatomy, basic sciences, clinical sciences, dentistry, osteopathic/physical therapy, radiology and USMLE® test prep in addition to downloadable images and video content.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Use videos and images to get a better
understanding of complex issues.

Notes / Highlights / Playlists

Notes, Highlighting & Playlists

Set bookmarks, create notes, highlight text
and curate playlists to share with other users.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Choose your depth of content and decide for yourself,
how detailed you want to learn something.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Decide for yourself whether you want to study by subjects,
organ systems, leading symptoms or your universites curriculum.


MedOne Education helps prepare medical students starting day one for all of the challenges ahead of them and throughout their career. Combining expert information with stunning visuals, it works as both a learning and teaching tool. Research is made easy – at school, at home, at work, or on the go!

Clinical Capsules is a new comprehensive series of clinical learning modules that cover individual diseases and disorders organized within 14 volumes, spanning across organ systems and specialties. Tailored specifically for students preparing for rotations and the Shelf and USMLE® exams, these modules offer templated structures encompassing Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment for a wide array of commonly tested diseases. Each volume is organized by organ system/specialty, regularly updated, and enriched with illustrations, diagrams, radiographic images, and tables, ensuring that students have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive information.


MedOne Education - E-Books

It’s never been easier to access Thieme’s extensive collection of medical textbooks. Get the benefits of print books plus electronic features, where it’s easy to expand images, watch videos, and write notes. New titles are automatically added as they are published.

MedOne Education - Playlists

Users can create customized modules with MedOne content, personal files, or external links. Playlists can be private, shared with others at your institution, or made publicly available to MedOne users at other institutions.

MedOne Education Q&A

Within MedOne Education, users can assess their knowledge with customizable review sessions and practice exams using the Questions & Answers function.

MedOne Education - Media

When words aren’t enough, the images and videos from all of our textbooks are always at your users disposal. They can quickly find and compare images in their browser or download media directly to a PDF or PowerPoint file to enhance any presentation.

MedOne APP

Users can download and read offline e-books, journal articles, and watch videos on the go. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOne content simple and easy.

MedOne at home

Users are no longer confined to the building with MedOne@Home offsite access. They can set up an individual username within their department’s license, so all they need is internet access to view content, create notes, and highlight text.

Why MedOne Education?
Licenced By 9 Of The 10 Top Medical Schools Worldwide!

MedOne Education content:

  • Books – Access to hundreds of books covering basic and clinical sciences, USMLE prep, medical school guidance, and more expert textbooks.
  • Media – 62,600+ images with legends and 800+ videos.
  • Q&A – thousands of choice questions and answers mirror exam topics students frequently encounter in curriculum, covering all basic sciences.
  • Premium content for Anatomy ›, Dissection › and Nursing › is also available for an additional cost.
For The Student

For the medical student

  • Instant access all required medical textbooks
  • Ideal for quick reference or in-depth review
  • Easily accessible – even offline – the perfect study companion
  • Covers the clinical and scientific topics your medical students need to succeed
For The Instructor

For the Instructor

  • Require titles with no cost to students
  • Easily download images for lectures
  • Create custom playlists for every course
  • Add notes for future reference
For The Instituiton

For the institution

  • Invite students to learn anytime or place
  • Improve efficient teaching
  • Appeal to prospective students and faculty
  • Save time through high user-friendliness

Find out more about the MedOne Education platform and it’s benefits for your institution in our MedOne Education Introduction Video:

MedOne Education Review

By: Virginia Desouky, MLS
Scholarly Engagement Librarian
Health Sciences Library
West Virginia University

In today’s online education world, the need for digital access to learning content continues to grow. Digital textbook collections play an important role as keys to student academic success, whether they study on campus or remotely. One such collection, from award-winning international and science publisher Thieme Medical Publishers, is MedOne EducationRead More

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